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Create TimeStatusMessage
07.12.2016 18:07:38info_receivedElectronic info received
09.12.2016 00:47:11arrival_scanShipment arrived to consolidation hub
09.12.2016 13:15:33departure_scanDeparture scan: consolidation hub
10.12.2016 09:25:15arrival_scanArrival scan: JFK airport
11.12.2016 00:08:38departure_scanDeparture scan: JFK airport
11.12.2016 11:56:16arrival_scanArrival scan: SVO airport
11.12.2016 16:30:48notification_sentClosest delivery on 13.12.2016, notification sent to recipient
12.12.2016 07:03:22departure_scanDeparture scan: SVO airport
12.12.2016 21:03:16deliveryShipment passed to delivery
13.12.2016 09:19:40pickup_pointShipment is now in pickup point, go get it!
13.12.2016 14:48:24deliveredShipment delivered
Delivery time: 5.9 days